Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper

Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper Picture SMS and Message Greetings

Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper

Stylish Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper

Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper and Message:

  • Friends are like pages in the book of life.
    Every page is different… but you are my index page that is why you are covering every subject of my life.
    Have a wonderful life, My Friend!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • No Life Without Love,
    No Answer Without Question???
    No Rain Without Cloud….
    No Friendship Without
    MISS U DEAR…….
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friendship is not a game to play;
    It’s to be felt and not a word to say;
    It doesn’t start in March and ends in May;
    It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper and SMS:

  • Leave something for friend,
    Never leave friend for something,
    Because in life, somethings will leave you,
    But friends will always live with you!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • 6 simple rules to always remain Happy:
    Give more
    Expect less
    Live a simple life
    Free your heart from hatred
    Free your mind from worries
    And always have ME as your FRIEND!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • To live a life we need a heartbeat;
    To have heartbeat, we need a heart;
    To have a heart, we need happiness;
    To have happiness, we need a friend;
    And to have a friend, I need you!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friends should be like two zeroes.
    When you try to add them, they are the same;
    When you subtract them, they’re again the same;
    And when you try to divide them, it’s just impossible!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

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Best Happy Friendship Day Wallpaper

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