Friendship Day Band Card

Friendship Day Band Card and Gift for Your Best Friend

Friendship Day Band Card

Friendship Day Exclusives Band Card

Friendship Day Band Card and Gift Message:

  • Love starts with a smile;
    Grows with a kiss;
    And ends with a tear;
    But friendship starts with a laughter;
    Grows with an understanding;
    And ends with death!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friendship is:
    A little more Smile;
    A little less Frown;
    A little more We;
    A little less I;
    A little more Laugh;
    A little less Cry;
    Friendship is simply U and I!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

Friendship Day Band Card Message and SMS:

  • Friends are like pages in the book of life.
    Every page is different… but you are my index page that is why you are covering every subject of my life.
    Have a wonderful life, My Friend!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • God picked up a flower and dipped it in a DEW;
    Lovingly touched it which turned in to YOU;
    And then He gifted to me and said, “this friend is for you”!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friends are like fish.
    One has to sit patiently for a long time to catch a good one.
    Just like I caught you.
    So better stay nice…
    otherwise I’ll fry you!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • I could forget a face;
    Forget a home;
    Forget a place;
    Forget a name;
    Forget a game;
    I could even forget myself but forgetting a friend like you, forget it!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

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Friendship Day Band Card

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