Friendship Day Popular Card

Friendship Day Popular Card

Friendship Day Popular Card Message and Gift

Friendship Day Popular Card

Friendship Day Exclusives Popular Card

Friendship Day Popular Card and Gift Message:

  • Difference between a friend and a best friend:
    When you’re admitted to a hospital:
    A friend asks: How’s the health?
    But a best friend asks: How’s the nurse?
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Smiling is a sign of good mood;
    Laughing is sign of happiness;
    Praying is sign of good faith;
    And having you as my friend is a sign of God’s blessings!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Some people are responsible for your crying and tears;
    Others give you laughter and smiles;
    But only very rare people can give you laughing tears and crying smiles; and those are known as Friends.
    Thanks for being a friend!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

Friendship Day Popular Card and SMS:

  • Good friends are those:
    Who care without hesitation;
    Who remember without limitations;
    Who help without any reservation;
    And who remain the same even without communication!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friendship is like an ‘ONION’ which has many layers of TRUST and CARE.
    If you’ll try to cut it, you’ll find nothing except ‘Tears’ in your eyes!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • A real friend is the one who’ll try to pick you up when you have fallen;
    And if he can’t pick you up, he’ll lie down right beside you!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

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Friendship Day Popular Card

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