Friendship Day Popular Image

Friendship Day Popular Image

Friendship Day Popular Image Wallpaper and Message

Friendship Day Popular Image

Friendship Day Most Popular Image

Friendship Day Popular Image and Message:

  • For me you’re as:
    Cheese for Pizza, Passport for Visa;
    Butter for Bread, Ice for Freezer;
    Cream for Cake, Water for Lake;
    Leaf for Tree and a FRIEND like you is for me!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • If you’re a chocolate, you are the SWEETEST;
    If you’re a teddy, you are the most HUGGABLE;
    If you’re a star, you are the BRIGHTEST;
    And since you are my friend, you’re the BEST!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • 7 days make a Week
    7 notes make a Music
    7 colors make a Rainbow
    7 continents make a World
    And 7 beautiful letters make us FRIENDS!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

Friendship Day Popular Image and SMS:

  • F: Field of Joy
    R: Root of Love
    I: Island of Ecstasy
    E: End of Sorrow
    N: Nemesis of Agony
    D: Door of Hope
    That’s you, my dear friend!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Life starts Intense;
    But ends with Silence;
    Love starts with Fear;
    But ends with Tears;
    And Friendship starts However;
    Will always remain Forever.
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friends are:
    F: Fabulous
    R: Real
    I: Impeccable
    E: Everlasting
    N: Necessary
    D: Delectable and
    S: Spicy
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

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Friendship Day Popular Image

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