Happy Friendship Day Card

Happy Friendship Day Card SMS Message and Greetings

Popular Happy Friendship Day Card

Happy Friendship Day Card

Happy Friendship Day Card and SMS:

  • True friends are like mornings.
    You can’t have them for the whole day;
    but you can be sure they’ll b there
    when you wake up tomorrow, next week, next year, forever…
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Why is a group of friends called a friend circle?
    A square has 4 ends
    A triangle has 3 ends
    A line has 2 ends
    But a circle has no end!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg – even though he knows you are slightly cracked!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Friendship is not a word and not simply a relationship. It is a silent promise which says, I WAS, I AM and I WILL BE

    a headache for you forever!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Dear Friend,
    I am the the strongest person in the world because your friendship is my weakest point!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .
  • Treat life as the sea;
    Heart as the seashore;
    And Friends like the waves.
    It never matters how many waves are there? What matters is which one touches the seashore!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

Happy Friendship Day Card and Quotes:

  • You are as cool as Vodka;
    As hard as Tequila;
    As warm as Cognac;
    As exotic as Amaretto;
    And as special as Champagne!
    Cheers to our friendship!
    Happy Friendship Day . . .

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Happy Friendship Day Card and Message

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